What are Stem Cells?

One of the human body's smallest genetic blueprints left over from development that has the ability to grow into any one of the body's more than 200 cell types.

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Stem Cells and Spinal Trauma

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Dr. Jim Larsen theorized a vector for disease in 1985 that came true eighteen years later.   Tissue research in the early 1980s led Dr. Larsen to tie together several ideas surrounding spinal injury and the flow of proteins within the nerves.  He contemplated stem cells were the smallest proteins that could easily escape a lateral vertebral fracture and penetrate adjacent sympathetic nerves ending up in the main support tissues of organs.  From there the theory includes the flow of stem cells out the front of an anterior vertebral compression fracture into adjacent tissues and organs, and arch fractures that allow flow of stem cells into spinal canal structures and fluids.  The reaction of an immune system to the viral like raw stem cells can initiate an autoimmune syndrome, or depending on the person’s immune ability may quickly or slowly evolve into cancer.

In 2003, cancer researchers announced that the stem cells of the bone marrow were responsible for developing tumors and cancer. The portion of the stem cell’s genetic strip responsible for cellular duplication and proliferation was activating the growth of cancer cells within tissues and organs. They offered no explanation how the stem cells were found to be within the organs’ connective tissue. In Dr. Larsen’s book “Stem Cells and Spinal Trauma” he explains how stem cells are possibly released from spinal fractures. Stem cells, which are undifferentiated, need to develop in stages within the bone marrow to become a cell. The small genetic strips flow down the nerve centers called axons, and escape attack by the immune system. Once inside the organ tissue, they are raw viral-like substances that are immediately identified as foreign by the immune system. Research in the past ten years has proven that stem cell therapy is almost impossible due to immune system attack. Stem cell research continued to discover that stem cells are involved in all autoimmune diseases and cancer.  What Dr. Larsen perceived in 1985 came true eighteen years later.

Dr. Larsen has studied over 400 cases with spinal fractures that resulted in autoimmune disease and cancer. The goal of stemleak.com is to continue to evaluate the population of people whose spinal fracture resulted in autoimmune disease or cancer. The theory needs your help and support. The idea needs to spread out via Dr. Larsen’s book “Stem Cells and Spinal Trauma” and bring forth testimonials of others in the population who have had similar spinal trauma.